Rudbeckia Summer
August when most of the bloomers are yellow at Woodlake.
Rudbeckia laciniata (cutleaf coneflower ) in back, Rudbeckia fulgida (black-eye d susan) in front

Algerian Iris


Spring Lights

Redbuds in bloom along the walking path in Woodlake.

Maple Wings

Dogwood flowers in Woodlake, a sign of spring.

Narcissus jonquilla simplex

Narcissus and pansies

Tulips and Johnny Jump-ups
Spring still life

Summer Fades
Along the eastern Woodlake path

Young Maple

Amsonia hubrichtii in Fall regalia

First Blush of Fall

Woodlake Sunset #1

Woodlake Sunset #2

Woodlake Sunset #3