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Title:      Cloudstreet: A Novel
Categories:      General Fiction
BookID:      5731
Authors:      Tim Winton
ISBN-10(13):      9780743234412
Publisher:      Scribner
Publication date:      2002-06-06
Edition:      Reprint
Number of pages:      432
Language:      English
Price:      53.73 USD
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Hailed as a classic, Tim Winton's masterful family saga is both a paean to working-class Australians and an unflinching examination of the human heart's capacity for sorrow, joy, and endless gradations in between. An award-winning work, Cloudstreet exemplifies the brilliant ability of fiction to captivate and inspire.
Struggling to rebuild their lives after being touched by disaster, the Pickle family, who've inherited a big house called Cloudstreet in a suburb of Perth, take in the God-fearing Lambs as tenants. The Lambs have suffered their own catastrophes, and determined to survive, they open up a grocery on the ground floor. From 1944 to 1964, the shared experiences of the two overpopulated clans -- running the gamut from drunkenness, adultery, and death to resurrection, marriage, and birth -- bond them to each other and to the bustling, haunted house in ways no one could have anticipated.

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