The Woodlake library is open upstairs at the clubhouse from 6-8pm every Monday except holidays.

library-1The library operates on a bring one, take one policy to allow residents to share books and other reading materials. Fiction, non-fiction, children's material, and timeless magazines (on gardening, home repair, etc) are available.

Purpose: In order to improve community amenities, to increase the utilization of the clubhouse, to bring together members of the community with common interests and to encourage reading, we are going to use the bookshelves upstairs in the clubhouse to house a community library. This library will be stocked with works of fiction as well as non-fiction topics that are of broad interest to the community.

Lending Policy: The policy will be to bring a book and take a book, when you are finished bring it back during library hours and take another book. As some titles are more in demand than others we would appreciate that members do not hold on to the borrowed book indefinitely.

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Contact our Librarian Judy Stenger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more about the history of the WHOA library.

Call for Book Donations

library-2Until our shelves are full we will continue accepting donations to stock the shelves. If you have books to spare and want to be a founding member, please drop off books in the ARC drop box at the front of the clubhouse with a note attached to the top one stating your name and what books you donated. Founding members can take out up to five books at a time as long as the donated at least that number. Children's books, audio books and other items such as movies are also welcome. Timeless Periodicals relating to gardening and home improvement are also welcome.

Volunteers Wanted

Anyone interested in being a volunteer librarian should contact Judy Stenger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If there are more librarians, the hours the library is open can be expanded.

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