Lake Spill and Water Quality

On Saturday morning, one of the sewer lines along the west side of the lake clogged and caused sewage to flow into the lake from the manhole near the wooden bridge. The city wastewater department cleared the clog around noon and found a significant amount of grease in the line.

They returned later on Saturday and on Sunday with a skimmer pump to remove a portion of the spilled water. At this time, there does not appear to have been any significant damage to the lake, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

You may have noticed during the past couple of months that the lake has been cloudier than normal and that algae has been growing along the shoreline. Both of these conditions are mainly due to the in-flow of very fine sediment and fertilizer run-off from a new subdivision that is being built near Berea Baptist Church to the north of Woodlake along Fayetteville Road. According the county Sediment and Erosion Control Division, the developer has implemented best management practices to reduce runoff from the site and that the problem should diminish once grass that was sewn this past fall on cleared areas becomes established.

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Additional information related to lake improvements planned for 2008 will be in upcoming newsletter.