Like me you have probably come home recently to find a bag of useless phonebooks on your porch. I received 4 phone books and 2 CDs yesterday. I realized recently that I haven't used a phonebook or yellowpages in years - I take them straight to recycling. They are dinosaurs.

This got me thinking - shouldn't I be able to opt-out of automatic delivery? Wouldn't there be a significant impact if everyone stopped receiving phonebooks and yellow pages? This year the major phone companies will print 540 million directories. How many trees is that?

It has to be a LOT. This is insane and wasteful and I want people to know they can opt-out.

It took some digging but I finally obtained a local number for AT&T 919-968-2532 where a very kind lady said that she would help me:


  • Stop delivery for future books. (I did opt to receive a CD only each year.)
  • Send someone to fetch the unwanted books left at my house yesterday.


By requesting that the unwanted books be retrieved I not only make my point but hopefully they will be used somewhere rather than wasted.

If enough people were to call AT&T and do this they might begin to get the message. With the direct phone number 919-968-2532 it will only take a couple of minutes.

Call: AT&T Directory Center 919- 968- 2532 ask them to stop delivery and retrieve your unwanted books.

Wally Turnbull - Woodlake resident