Our October meeting will get us ready for Winter. June Delalio has arranged for Mrs Bashista to speak to us on Winterization and Energy Audit. The meeting will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Club House, on October 19th.

In November, George and Linda Thompson will discuss "Growing Green".

We are planning to have a pot luck dinner on December 14th at the Club House.

Please a look at your calendar for next year and pick a month to arrange an activity. It doesn't have to be a speaker or big trip. Ask one of your senior friends to help you.

Happy Fall!

Your Planning Committee:

Earline Weed - 544-1328
George Thompson - 408-6061
Florence White - 494-4845
Bobbie Nielsen - 767-9774
Roberta J. Nielsen
5 Mountain Lake Court
Durham NC 27713