The lake is both a substantial asset to Woodlake and a significant maintenance expense. Most of the maintenance expenses are associated with the inflow of sediment, organic matter, and nutrients (especially phosphate), and the resultant algae growth due to high phosphate concentrations and malodors during decomposition of accumulated organic matter in the lake forebay (the inlet area at the north end of the lake).

The WHOA has dredged the forebay twice in the past 10 years and has taken several other steps to address these problems, but the inflow of debris and nutrients continues. Based on input from several sources, the WHOA has implemented an alternative plan this fall. This plan includes removal of organic sediment, redesign of the forebay to simplify future maintenance, and the installation of a water recirculation system to maintain water flow through the forebay during hot, dry weather.

To implement this plan, it has been necessary to lower the lake level by 4-5 feet. This process should take about 3 weeks. The current schedule is based on starting to lower the lake level in early October and followed by forebay construction work in mid-October. Construction updates will be posted on the WHOA website.