To reduce operating costs, the WHOA Board decided earlier this year to not employ a pool attendant this summer and to rely on homeowners to police compliance with pool rules. This decision is consistent with the practice of most other neighborhood pools managed by CAS.

We will continue to have an employee of Covenant Pool, the pool contractor, close the pool each evening at 8:00 p.m. There will also be spot checks to make sure that pool users have an active pool card. If problems with unauthorized use of the pool occur, a pool attendant may be hired.

Compliance with pool rules is the responsibility of all pool users. A complete list is attached to the side of the pool bathroom building. Three rules need to be highlighted for safety reasons:


  1. All toddlers and infants must be accompanied by an adult and must wear a swim diaper when in the pool. Swim diapers reduce the potential for accidents that can contaminate the pool with fecal matter. If contamination does occur, it will be necessary to close the pool for approximately 24 hours and to treat the pool with a high dosage of chlorine.
  2. No glass containers in the pool area. Broken glass in and around the pool is an obvious concern with bare feet.
  3. No running around the pool or diving into the pool. The pool surround can be very slick when wet and the pool is not deep enough for diving. Prevention of injuries is a top priority.

If you observe someone breaking a pool rule or entering the pool area without a valid card, please ask the individual(s) to obey the rules and/or leave. If they do not comply, contact Covenant Pool at 225-7577. This phone number is posted by the emergency telephone at the pool. Also send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If necessary, the Association can terminate the pool privileges of violators.