The Lake Village Townes Homeowner Association is required by the Restrictive Covenants to maintain all lawns and shrubbery in the common areas and the front of all units. The "front" of a unit refers to the areas that include the main entryway and front door, whether the entry door is side-facing or street-facing. The “back” or rear of each unit refers to the area behind the building, starting from the back corner of each unit and extending away from that point to a distance of ~ 15 feet beyond the back wall of the building, not from the deck, screened porch, or other add-on structure. The distance varies depending on the specific building; consult the individual unit plat.

Homeowners may plant personal plants within the back space of their units as defined above, providing that the plantings do not interfere with the landscape contractor’s ability to maintain the lawn and common areas behind the building. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining any plants in the back of their units; the HOA does not maintain any plants in the back of units. Homeowners must keep all back plants, trees, and shrubbery trimmed at least twelve inches from building siding or gutters. This minimizes damage to the building and allows access for routine maintenance of gutters and siding by HOA-employed contractors.

Homeowners may plant plants in the front or side of their units only after receiving ARC approval. Homeowners may not prune any plants in the front or side of their unit; these plants and areas are maintained by the HOA. The exception is that homeowners may place plants in flowerpots in the bed in the front of their unit, if space is available.

Homeowners may also place pots on the walkway and driveway surrounding their unit. They may not put or store personal items, including pots, garden hoses, or statuary, on any part of the lawn. Climbing plants must not be allowed to cling to any permanent plants, trees, or structures, including light poles and building siding.

The HOA contracts with a landscape company to maintain the grounds in our community. The landscape crew follows a predetermined maintenance schedule. Please do not approach the crew with additional landscaping requests; instead, please send all landscaping questions, concerns, and requests to the Lake Village Townes Community Manager, Jennifer McAllister, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..