Where do I get information regarding my Woodlake and Lake Village regulations?

You are bound by the Boards and covenants of both Woodlake and Lake Village.

You should receive copies of both upon purchase of your unit. If not, access the regulations through the following web pages


Lake Village:

Requests for hard copies and questions should be directed to:

Todd Petherbridge
CAS, Inc.
5915 Farrington Road - Suite 104
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.casnc.com

How do I find out the exact boundaries of my property?

Your precise property lines are shown on your plat. This plat is a graphical, scaled representation of your property drawn up by a surveyor and illustrating its features and position. It is also known as a foundation survey. Every homeowner should have one included in the legal documents received when they purchased their home. One may also be obtained from the Durham Register of Deeds.

Be aware that most lots at Lake Village are in the shape of regular rectangles with four straight property lines. At least one property line runs through a shared party wall and beyond into the exterior space. Middle units have straight shared property lines located through each of their two party walls. This means that for middle unit owners, all the entryway area (and landscaping) in front of your neighbor�s exterior courtyard actually belongs legally to your neighbor, even though it is adjacent to your walkway.

View plan of Lake Village community

What specific committees regulate the majority of homeowner concerns?

The Woodlake Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the Lake Village Landscape Committee consist of neighbors of Lake Village and Woodlake, and they report to the two respective governing Boards of Directors. Your Lake VillageLandscape Committee Chair is Carolyn Burrus. 

What areas of my home are the care responsibility of the LV HOA?

All exterior unit spaces and surfaces are maintained by the Lake Village Association. These include all yards, all facades (front, side and back), roofs, but exclude glass, screens, and owner additions. The "front" of all units refers to the areas that include the main entryway and front door, garage with driveway, and/or street-facing facades. The rear yard of your property includes lawn plus the deck, porch, or patio. The "back" facade is accessed through deck, porch, or patio doors. Changes to the street-visible areas in the way of inclusions or exclusions of plantings, construction, and/or decoration are subject to application to and approval by the appropriate committee.

Who can I contact about repairs needed to my home?

You can contact Todd Petherbridge at CAS, either by email or at the phone number listed above.

What is the process I should follow for architectural changes, for example, to add a deck or awning?

For architectural changes, download the Woodlake Architectural Change Request Form from this Woodlake website or obtain one at the Clubhouse. Fill out the form as directed and submit the copies, with the appropriate site plans and construction plans, to Todd Petherbridge at the CAS address listed above. The Lake Village (LV) Board will review the request and, if approved, will forward it to the Woodlake ARC for final approval. You will be notified of the LV Board and ARC decisions by the Woodlake ARC.

What process should I follow to have a tree removed, for example, or otherwise change my landscaping?

Download the Woodlake change request form as described above and submit the copies, along with a site plan showing the changes, to Todd Petherbridge at CAS. The site plan should be a drawing on the surveyor's plat. This drawing must show the exact location and species of any proposed new plantings as well as any proposed removals. A larger scale drawing may be included if needed to fully describe the changes. The request will be reviewed by the Lake Village Board of Directors, which will contact you with its decision. Owners wanting to plant any vegetation in street-visible areas must officially request and obtain the prior written approval of the LV Association. To confirm the appropriateness of proposed rear yard plantings, homeowners are encouraged to consult a professional to avoid possible future building damage.

Can I appeal a decision?

In the event a homeowner is not satisfied with a decision reached by the Woodlake ARC, the homeowner may appeal the decision to the Woodlake Board of Directors by requesting an appeal in writing to the Chair of the Woodlake ARC.

If I want to prune my own shrubbery, do I submit a request?

Currently the HOA does not allow homeowners to be removed from the pruning that is contracted with the landscaper and be put on a “Do not prune list”.    Home owners are responsible for the pruning to the back of the homes where the HOA does not prune.

Who should I contact if I have other questions about my landscaping?

You should contact the Chair of the landscape committee. The on-site crew of the HOA landscaper will not be able to answer your questions. They will advise you to direct your concerns to the Landscape Chair.

Where should I store my trash container on non-pickup days?

As required by the Covenants, homeowners must keep their garbage containers either inside their garages or within screened spaces so that containers are not visible from the street. A container may thus be kept in the rear yard area, or in an area screened by plantings (for example, vines or shrubs) or other architecturally accepted elements.

What document will provide me more details about these requirements?

For more details, see the Lake Village Townes Covenants, available for download by clicking on "Documents and Forms" at the left-hand side of this page under "Lake Village Menu." Documents are also downloadable from the CAS website mentioned above. You may also examine the Woodlake Handbook, but be aware that most of its policies apply primarily to detached single-family homes.

How can I reach the relevant Lake Village officers?

  • Beverly Steffey, LV HOA President
  • Lynn MacFadyen, Neighborhood Watch Area Coordinator: 361-2443
  • Joan Walshaw, Social Committee Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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